A Bike Review…

Cube Agree Hybrid C62 E-Road Bike

With thanks to Mervyn Dudley for his review on the new Cube Electric Road Bike:

Over the past few days Sherwood Pines Cycles have kindly let me test the latest Cube Agree Hybrid C62 E-Road Bike.

Well what a surprise like most club road riders I was very sceptical as to how it would work in fast group rides, first ride 35km using a mixture of the 3 power modes,basic assist gives 125watts of assistance, intermediate 200 watts, full power 400 watts, the more power you use the sooner the battery runs out.

Whilst riding at speeds up to 15.7 mph the bike will assist you, over this and it’s all down to you, there were several good climbs on my ride, so I had a bit of a play with the higher settings, flat out on the first climb I was still working quite hard but moving much faster than with no assistance over the top dropping power to basic still gave me assistance and time to recover my legs, downwards the bike picks up speed well and handling feels no different from my normal bike, and it corners as well as some top race bikes I’ve ridden.

Further hills I just left the assist in basic power and with a very strong headwind I was able to maintain 15mph.

Ride 2 the next day with a average speed of 17mph for 87 miles and over 3000ft of climbing the main benefit today was the hills being able to maintain a good pace without to much effort on the flats most of the ride was above the assist speed of 15.7 mph I only noticed the extra weight of the bike on the rolling sections as speeds didn’t drop much below 18mph (bike weight as used with all accessories 32lbs ), as a fast group bike,the the main benefit would be the hills especially if you’re unfit.

Day 3 steady recovery group ride 50km at average 10mph, used the low power mode for the whole ride, to great effect no real effort the assistance helps on the ups and if you wished to push on. Over the 50km I used only a 3rd of battery power.

Overall great bike comfortable stable, with weight being low down the bike feels planted especially in the corners, the build as you would expect from Cube is great quality.

Used wisely this bike would be a great asset to anyone who’s just needs that extra help on the hills or just riding about enjoying your ride and using the assistance as required.

Call Sherwood Pines Cycles for further details or to arrange a test ride – 01623 822855