David Fletcher – Midlands XC Race Report

Midlands XC – Saturday 24th June

Words by David Fletcher:

Quietly confident I came into todays race with a good amount of motivation, with a good weeks training under my belt and consistent rise in form i knew i could do well. I’ve ¬†rode Park Wood Springs before, a rocky and fun man made course with a small amount of off piste on the far side to mix it up.

Once the whistle blew i was straight into the top 3 and riding strong. By the time it came to the end of the first lap there was just 2 of us. Myself and a junior holding on for dear life as i pushed the pace to make him work. Eventually the laps went by and i was on my own, the rider i was with suffered from the pace and slipped on a corner crashed into the gravel.
I held my pace and pushed to the finish keeping consistent and riding as smooth as i could whilst still making the most of the race.
Eventually the finish line came and took a strong convincing win, knowing there was a little more left in the tank i could take confidence away and use it for the up and coming events.

From here i have a good block of training and racing guiding me into the national champs at cannock chase. A good course for me and one Ive ridden countless times in the past. Hopefully il be able to get some time in on the course and come into the fit and ready to go.