David Fletcher – Race Report

David Fletcher Race Report – Midlands XC

Words by DF

The day started well. A nice relaxed morning with a nice tempo ride to the course. With it only being 20miles away i figured that it would be a nice little warm up and an extra few miles in the bank leading into the nationals and also the cyclocross season.

Arriving at the course i had my pre race meal and after set out for a easy lap of course practice. Racing here before i had a rough idea of the course already. A fun twisty course with some steep climbing would make it for a hard day. With little rest i had to pace myself.

From the whistle i was straight into the lead and pacing out the 4 entrants. Taking the 1st lap in my stride i settled in and let the others come to the front. Begining to feel not quite myself a hard attack from one of the other riders i was pushed off the back and in a dismal 4th. Catching 3rd on the 3rd of 5 laps I continued to keep my pace. Not quite having the ride id hoped i rolled in 3rd and feeling like id been hit by a bus!

With an easy week planned to nationals and all mechanical issues sorted im hoping to change this weekends ride to a better and higher place come next weekend.