Forme Kinder – Child Bikes In Stock

The Forme Kinder MX Range has a lightweight alloy frame and fork, driven by Shimano 8 speed rapid-fire gears and cassette. The wheels are lightweight and have Kenda Small Block Eight tyres.

It is then finished with a compact, lightweight, one piece handlebar and stem and a junior specific saddle and pedals.

Combine that with superb build quality and a great price and you will have a bike that your children will want to ride all day.

The Forme Kinder MX26 – RRP £359 (Currently sold out)

The Forme Kinder MX26 – Red – 9.4kg
The Forme Kinder MX26 – Blue – 9.4kg

The Forme Kinder MX24 – RRP £339: (Currently sold out)

The Forme Kinder MX24 – Red – 9.3kg
The Forme Kinder MX24 – Blue – 9.3kg

The Forme Kinder MX20 – RRP £325: (Limited stock available)

The Forme Kinder MX20 – Red – 8.4kg
The Forme Kinder MX20 – Blue – 8.4kg

These are some of the lightest bikes in the world for it’s price point and specification! Less weight helps smaller riders start easier, accelerate faster and handle the bike with more control.