Happy Bottom Bum Butter Vegan Cycling Chamois Butter – Now in Stock!

Happy Bottom Bum Butter!

Its self explanatory really and well worth £17.99 – In stock now at Sherwood Pines Cycles!

Charlie says…. This is a wonderful locally produced vegan chamois balm / bum butter.

It’s not really made from vegans, but simply does not offend them. However if you like being offended, just ask and we will look after that for you.
  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • Pain relief from clove oil – pretty clever eh?
  • Vegetable glycerine and Egyptian geranium oil absorbs to lower dermis, all the way in to really repair your damaged skin.
  • Antiseptic and anti-bacterial with tea tree oil to stop you growing diseases in your shorts.
  • PET recyclable containers (you can make fleece jackets out of them)
  • Tested in the most demanding conditions… in my shorts, on @rseholes and not on animals.
  • Vegan as hell.
  • Female friendly, it won’t make your girly bits zing.
  • Does not repel sharks or polar bears.
  • 100ml jar goes a very long way, around 7,000 miles.
  • Made by two great people in their kitchen, just up the road from my shop.
  • Endorsed and used by real pro cyclists:
    • Lee Cragie our Ladies National Fatbike champion loves the Happy Bottom Bum Butter.
    • Markus Stitz who is riding round the world single speed is begging for it 😉
    • Lance Bumstrong the best fake cycling messiah we could find ( https://www.facebook.com/lance.bumstrong )
    • Karen Darke winner of a Gold Olympic medal in the Rio Olympics.