National Point Series Round 1 Sherwood Pines Forest Park 23rd / 24th March 2013

National Points Series Round 1 Sherwood Pines Forest 23rd / 24th March 2013. A heads up for all intending to ride the trails round the Pines on the 23rd / 24th March The first round of the National Points Series will be held over 2 days …at Sherwood Pines Forest on Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th March 2013.
THE TRAILS WILL REMAIN OPEN But please be aware that in some places the racing will cross the Red, Blue and Green routes, at these crossing points marshals will ensure the safety of the public and racers alike. At times riders will be asked to wait as the racers cross their route. We hope this shouldn’t delay or spoil your ride too much. Events like these enable funding to continue into improving / maintaining the forest.