Named Sport – In Store Now

We have a new brand onboard – we have tried it for ourselves, we liked it a lot! It works and tastes good too!

Fuelling passions

Passion for sport, health care, respect for nature. These are the essential values expressed by NAMEDSPORT> Superfood: the Italian company that, thanks to a consolidated scientific know-how in the field of Natural Medicine, has brought an innovative concept in the panorama of sport nutrition. 

NAMEDSPORT> Superfood offers to sportsmen a complete and balanced diet, a fundamental prerequisite for guaranteeing optimal athletic performance and all the necessary nutrients before, during and after sport, to optimize performance, ensuring a quick energy recovery and to promote well-being with targeted and high quality products.

NAMEDSPORT> supplements are the result of intensive research conducted in collaboration with a team of experts: pharmacists, scientific researchers, physiotherapists, coaches and nutritionists. The result is a range of effective and cutting-edge formulations with superior ingredients and excellent raw materials.

NAMEDSPORT> products comply with current regulations, it is the athletes themselves, often of the highest level, who use them every day to testify their great effectiveness.

Reaching your sporting and well-being goals knowing that NAMEDSPORT> products are there and designed to meet your needs when you are looking for:

  • Increased energy
  • Optimized recovery 
  • Promote the development of muscle mass 
  • Counteract the onset of lactic acid 
  • Promote power and endurance 
  • Promote the elimination of acid waste 
  • Improve your well-being