Red Ant Bike Cleaner

Red Ant Bike Cleaner

It really is very good and selling very fast!

We had people buying it whilst we were unpacking it!

red ant


• REDANT Precision Carbon Fibre Bicycle Frame Cleaner is a dedicated frame friendly fast, effective and safe all over carbon fibre, Titanium and Matt finish bike cleaner.
• The specially designed PH Neutral formulation is effective at cleaning heavy dirt whilst protecting your frame and other surfaces.
• Unique frame dirt release and degreasing technology for each material/finish
• New biodegradable precision cleaning technology.

At REDANT Precision they understand the needs of those who love their bikes as much as we all do. REDANT believe that 2 wheels should be loved, enjoyed and looked after.
At REDANT Precision we have designed and created a unique range of specialist cleaning and protection products for todays performance road bikes. Whether you have a carbon fibre, matt or titanium frame our range of advanced cleaning systems are uniquely formulated to address todays maintenance needs for specialist frames and components.


• REDANT Precision frame Protectors have been specially designed to protect your frame whatever finish they have.
• The unique formula helps repel water and prevent dirt adhesion between washes.
• Specialist carbon fibre bicycle frame all over surface protection technology that lasts for up to 4 weeks.

Come in and see us, whilst we have some left!