Revgrips – In Store Now

Revolution Suspension Grips – From £79.99 to £99.99

Revolution Suspension Grips are different to all other grips. They float and do not touch handlebars. There are small rubber inserts mounted into the grip clamps and use tuning washers (Pro Series only) to adjust their float and feel.

By separating the riders’ hands from direct contact with the handlebar, high-frequency vibrations are significantly reduced. This minimises hand pains and arm pump. To take this further, the grip twists just a few degrees, which is just enough to mimic the twisting your hands go through when moving around normal, static grips. So, less fatigue on your palms but also naturally reducing the need to hold on as tightly over rough ground (such as at bike parks), thus further reducing arm pump. 

1. Feel fresher for longer
2. Reduces hand pains and arm pump
3. Rebuildable. All parts available separately
4. Adjustable. Tune the feel to your liking
5. 3x sizes from just 31mm in thickness and a myriad of colour combinations to choose from