We are Open as Usual…

Hello Everyone,

It’s a strange world out there at the moment but we are open for business as usual and we will be until told otherwise.

Precautions are being taken, we are washing our hands (we always did anyway!) we are sanitising hire bikes, door handles and surfaces – we are as clean as we have ever been!

Nitrile gloves are on the way for you to wear when you’re hiring bikes – we also have some very fetching hairnet things to wear under the hire helmets too (don’t worry you can’t see them when you have got the helmet on!)

So get out there in the fresh air, ride your bike, hire one of ours, walk your dogs and spend some time in the fresh air – we’re biased, but the peace and calm of the forest is the best antidote to all this crazy stuff – come and smile and forget about it for a while 🙂

If you are showing any symptoms of Covid-19 though, please try and keep away, we have family at home we want to keep safe too 🙂

Remember #pinesdoitbetter