All our mechanics are Cytech trained and are highly experienced.

They are used to working on all sorts of bikes from the smallest of children’s bikes through to pro racers bikes. So don’t worry whatever job you need doing they will be able to get you up and riding and your bike running smoothly.


  • Bronze Service: £35 (see below for details)
  • Silver Service: £75 (see below for details)
  • Gold Service: £135 (see below for details)
  • Labour Charge (per hour): £40
  • Pre Delivery Inspection Check (bike bought elsewhere includes “first free service): £40
  • Face Bottom Bracket Shell: £20
  • Chase Bottom Bracket Shell: £20
  • Ream and Face Headtube: £20
  • Press Headset: £17.50
  • Disc Brake Bleeding (per brake): £15
  • Face Disc Mount: £12.50
  • Fit Hollowtech 2 cranks (inc. facing): £25
  • Fit New Forks: £25
  • True Wheel: £15
  • Gear Tune Up: £12.50
  • V-Brake Tune Up: £12.50
  • Fit Cables (from): £15
  • Clean and Lubricate Bike: £15
  • Hub Service: £20
  • Headset Service: £20
  • Chain Link Fitting (inc. chain link): £6
  • Chain Fitting (exc. price of chain): £6
  • Puncture Repair (inc. tube)(from): £12.50
  • Brake Block Replacement (from): £10
  • DiscPad Replacement (from): £15 per brake
  • Bottom Bracket Fitting: £17.50
  • Align Rear Derailleur Hanger: £15
  • Fork Service (inc. seals and oil): Call For Details
  • Rear Shock Air Can Service (inc. seals)(from): £35
  • Rock Shox Reverb (full service): £100
  • Wheel Builds (from): £50 per wheel (all wheel builds include DT Swiss spokes and nipples)
  • Replacement Cartridge Bearings: (please call for details)
  • Tubeless Conversion (inc. tape, sealant, valves)(from) £25/wheel

All bearings used in the workshop are genuine parts or Enduro bearings – Not cheap copies.


The workshop has full accreditation from Bosch/Yamaha/Fazua/Flyon

  • E-Bike diagnostics: Please call for details and price
  • Software updates: £30
  • Diagnostic reports: £25
  • Battery capacity test: £17.50 (Bosch only)
  • Light switch activation: £17.50 (Bosch only)
  • Battery storage: £15 (Bosch only)

The workshop is always busy, however we will endeavour to make your job our top priority. We can normally get most jobs done within a week (dependent on replacement parts being in stock).

Bronze Service (£35):

  • Frame and fork visual inspection.
  • Drivetrain inspected for wear.
  • Gears indexed.
  • Brakes checked and adjusted where possible.
  • Full bolt check.

Silver Service (£75):

  • Bike washed and dried.
  • Frame and Fork visual inspection.
  • Drivetrain cleaned, inspected and re-lubricated.
  • Bolts checked for correct torque levels.
  • Drivetrain checked for wear and lubricated.
  • Headset checked for free play and adjusted if required
  • Bottom bracket inspected for free play and/or roughness, preload adjusted if possible.
  • Disc Brakes inspected for damage and wear, rotors checked for true, callipers re-aligned as needed and further advise given if required.
  • Wheels checked for true and adjusted if required. Hubs checked for free play and adjusted where possible.
  • Tyres checked for wear and correct pressures.

Gold Service (£135):

  • Silver Service plus:
  • Gear cables replaced.
  • Non hydraulic brake cables replaced.
  • Cranks removed, bottom bracket cleaned and re-greased.
  • Headset removed, cleaned and re-greased.
  • Hubs stripped, cleaned, re-greased and re-built (loose ball bearings included – sealed bearings charged extra).
  • Disc brakes bled

Suspension and Seatpost Servicing:

  • Lower leg service (exc. seal kit): £45.
  • Air can service (exc. seal kit): £35
  • Fork or shock removal and refit (for specialist work): £10
  • Rockshox Reverb service (inc. seal kit): £100

A new service:

If you buy a bike online and it comes in a box and you are thinking what goes where, panic no more. The workshop will build your bike for only £40.

This means that you or your children can pedal away safe in the knowledge your bike is safe.

This service includes a 4-6 week check up, including re-setting the gears after the cables have stretched and checking the bolts for correct torque levels.

Call or email us today to make an appointment.

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